Everything you need in our DIY Pizza Kit

Start making amazing pizzas at home with our Pizza Kit. All the finest tried and tested ingredients and our Classic Pizza Dough in a practical DIY box delivered to your home

Happy Pizza People Are Saying...

Since we started in 2020, we’ve made more than 50,000 pizzas, and helped make thousands of pizza nights a great success!

Make Every Pizza Night a Success With our Classic Pizza Dough

You can now make restaurant quality pizzas at home. Our Classic Pizza Dough was created to provide the best possible result in any type of oven

Our Story

The story of True Pizza is the story of our family, our lifestyle, our love for food, but also, it is a story of how we managed to rethink ourselves in difficult times.

Probably the Best Frozen Pizza You've Ever Tasted

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Soft, Flavorful, Delicious Handmade Focaccia

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