Handcrafted dough for the finest homemade pizza

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We created the perfect dough and sorted the finest ingredients, now it’s your turn to sprinkle in the creativity. Let’s bake up something amazing together!

Best Pizza Dough

The dough is our passion, the heart and soul of homemade pizza. Restaurant quality pizzas every time, both in a regular oven or a pizza oven

Finest Pizza Toppings

Chosen for quality, flavor, and authenticity. From the finest mozzarella to the most delicious and authentic ingredients, find everything you need

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Next-day shipping, insulated packaging for fresh and safe delivery. Free shipping on orders over €60

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Since 2021. we helped you make close to 100.000 pizzas! 

How We Make It

Finest Ingredients

Our dough is made with the finest Italian flours, chosen for their quality and authenticity, adapted to create different experiences

Slow Process, Amazing Results

Slowly fermented and carefully crafted, each batch delivers exceptional results. Soft and fluffy, thin and crispy, to each their own

Flash Frozen for Freshness

Flash-frozen to preserve freshness, our dough arrives ready to be transformed into the perfect pizza

How We ship it

Order Online

Simply place your order on the website, and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t forget the toppings!

Free Delivery

Free shipping on orders above €60, delivered in our specially insulated packaging to ensure freshness

Enjoy Your Pizza!

Follow our advice on defrosting and preparing your dough, and get ready to enjoy delicious homemade pizza

Master Your Pizza Craft... With a Little Help

Find tips on dough defrosting, oven baking, sauce preparation, discover everything you need to create delicious pizzas at home

You can now make restaurant quality pizzas at home. Our dough was created to provide the best possible result in any type of oven

Pizza Kits

All the finest tried and tested ingredients in a practical DIY box delivered to your home

Pizza Toppings

A selection of the finest ingredients, essential for an authentic pizza experience

Our Story

The story of True Pizza is the story of our family, our lifestyle, our love for food, but also, it is a story of how we managed to rethink ourselves in difficult times

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