Delicious Homemade Pizza in 5 Minutes!

Introducing True Pizza, the first homemade style pizza you can order online, get delivered to your home for free, heat up in your oven and enjoy freshly baked pizza any time you like!
  • Choose from our assortment of homemade style pizzas
  • We pre-bake the pizzas to your order
  • Pizzas are vacuum packed for safety and freshness
  • Free delivery in Amsterdam and Amstelveen
  • Can be baked immediately, stored in the fridge or freezer
  • Enjoy a freshly baked, hot pizza any time you want it!

How it works

Order from our assortment of homemade style pizzas and focaccias. 

We pre-bake it for you and deliver for free in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

Store in fridge or freezer, heat up in 5 minutes and enjoy oven fresh pizza!

What People Are Saying
Very fresh, light, soft and full of flavour. Their pizza’s taste as if an Italian grandmother has made them. By far the best pizza I had so far in Amsterdam.
Nice package, genuine taste, high digestible. Approved by true Italians!
Delicious dough and high quality toppings. One of my favorite pizza in Amsterdam. Would recommend!

True pizzas are delivered pre-baked and vacuum packed for prolonged freshness. Can be baked in your home oven straight away, kept in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer for up to a month.

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