We are a family of three living in Amsterdam. Vanja is an artist, Aleks is an online entrepreneur, and Borna, our son, is a creative college student.
In our family, everything revolves around the kitchen table. This is where we cook, eat, share, spend time together, this is where we hang out with our friends, where we have our best and worst of times.

For years our friends have been telling us we make some of the best pizza they ever had. To be honest, we just thought our friends were being very kind, but also that they needed to go to better pizzerias. While cooking has always been our passion, never have we thought this is something we could do as a business.

Eventually, making the best pizza we can at home became a bit of an obsession. We experimented with different flour, ingredients, hydration, resting times… all in effort to make the best pizza dough one can in a normal kitchen, with an (below) average oven. It was just about having fun, doing something out of pure passion, spending time together as a family and sharing it all with friends.

It’s hip to be square

Now that we are very happy with the taste and texture of our homemade pizza, we feel it’s time to share with even more people. If you’re like us, you love a good pizza, and you want to have it all the time! If you want a fresh, hot pizza straight out of the oven, you want to burn the top of your mouth on the sauce, bite in to that dough that’s crunchy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, then you’ll love our True Pizza.

True Pizza is homemade, based on Roman style of pizza, baked in a square pan. We’ve always made square pizzas, it’s the way our mothers made them when we were kids, it’s the only way to make a real homemade pizza. Your oven is not round, why waste the space?

We only use true ingredients. Our dough is made with flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt and a tiny bit of yeast. The sauce is made from premium quality Mediterranean ‘pelati’ tomatoes, and we only use the best and authentic toppings. We would never use anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves, there are no additives, no preservatives, no E-numbers, no artificial flavorings. The only added component is love. That is why we decided to call it True Pizza.

The only added ingredient is love

The square shape of our pizzas makes them easier to keep in the freezer as they take up way less space then the round ones. Our pizzas are generously topped, but you can also add your own twist to them.

You can keep our pizza in your freezer for up to 6 months. When you feel like having one, just heat up your oven, and drop the pizza in it for about 5 – 8 minutes, depending on your oven and how crunchy you like your crust to be. Within minutes you have a freshly baked homemade pizza, ready to impress your family, guests, or to indulge in on your own.

We are always creating new recipes and products, and now offer a range of focaccias, house-made pestos and spreads, and plenty more to come, so please follow our social media for some tasty news.

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