Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the True Pizza Frequently Asked Questions page. We understand that making pizza can raise a lot of questions, whether it’s about achieving the perfect crust, understanding the science of dough, or getting the best out of your pizza oven. Here, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common queries we receive. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help guide your pizza journey

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General Questions & Answers

Where and when can I get the products delivered?

We currently deliver to the The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

We ship your orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with pickup options available for our Amsterdam customers only (on the checkout page). Find more information on the Delivery Information page.

How will the products be delivered?

Some of our products are sent frozen, some chilled. All the products in your order will all be delivered together, chilled and packaged suitably for delivery. Make sure to move the frozen products to a freezer as soon as possible.

You will receive a track & trace ode as soon as the parcel has been picked up by the courier.

Frozen Pizza Questions & Answers

How can I prepare the frozen pizza at home?

For our Classic Square pizzas, take the pizza out of the freezer, unwrap it and let it reach room temperature before baking. With Thin & Crispy pizzas you have two options: bake frozen, or bake thawed. The rest of the process is the same for all pizzas:

Preheat your oven to 220°C/230°C, ideally on the convection setting with the bottom heating (some ovens have the pizza baking mode), and leave it running at the temperature for at least 20 minutes, so it gets very hot. Keep the baking tray in the oven while it’s preheating, you want it to be as hot as possible to get a crunchier pizza bottom.

While you’re waiting for your oven to heat up, add any additional toppings to your liking (more cheese (really?!), salami, veggies…). Remember, less is more!
If you use too many wet ingredients, the pizza might end up being soggy. If you’re adding veggies, cut them really thin. Some ingredients are best not baked, so keep your prosciutto crudo, buffalo mozzarella… out of the oven, and add to the pizza when you take it out of the oven. Once the oven is hot, pop the pizza directly into the hot oven, on the preheated baking tray. 

Depending on your oven settings and desired crunchiness, bake it for about 6 – 8 minutes. Keep an eye on it, when the cheese starts bubbling and the crust is getting some color, the pizza is ready! You’ll get more browning on the cheese if you place the pizza directly under the grill on maximum heat for about 30 seconds.

Take the pizza out of the oven, and leave it out to set for about 3 minutes, preferably on a cooling rack. We know hot pizza is hard to resist, but hey, this gives you just enough time to open a nice bottle of wine. The resting will ensure the toppings don’t slide off the pizza when you cut it, and keeping it on a wire rack will make sure the bottom remains nice and crispy.

That’s it, the pizza is ready to eat. Enjoy it and make sure to let us know how you liked it!

How to store the pizza

Keep the pizza in the freezer, best before date can be found on the label.

Defrosting: Take the pizza out of the freezer and leave it at room temperature for about an hour, until it’s full defrosted and ready for the oven.

Dough Questions & Answers

What’s in your dough?

Made fresh every day with a handful of ingredients of premium quality, our dough takes the central stage of our whole operation. The amount of muscle and brain power devoted to the development and the making of our dough is unmatched by any other part of our daily work.

We make a few variations of the dough, but in essence, it is made with a mix of high protein Italian flour (Caputo), high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, a tiny amount of baker’s yeast, and water.

These are combined, mixed for optimal gluten development, left to rest and start the fermentation, and then placed in a temperature controlled environment to slow down the fermentation. This process, developed over centuries of pizza and bread baking, and our modest contribution, is what makes our dough so flavorful, airy, and light.

Can the pizza dough be refrozen?

If the dough hasn’t completely thawed and started to proof, it is possible refreeze it. This will not compromise the safety or the quality of the dough. For the best pizza experience, we recommend planning ahead and only thawing the amount of dough you intend to use. 

Is your dough vegan?

Yes, True Pizza’s doughs are plant-based and fully suitable for a vegan diet.

We believe in simplicity and quality when it comes to our ingredients, and we’re committed to making a dough that everyone can enjoy.

Our dough is crafted using only flour, water, sea-salt, extra virgin olive oil and yeast – no dairy, no eggs, just honest, simple ingredients.


Baking Questions & Answers

How to prepare the dough for baking?

Our pizza dough is an active dough and it is very respondent to temperature. To get the very best results, you would want the dough to be at room temperature and well rested before shaping and baking it.

The slow (and best) way: Take the dough out of the freezer and place it in the fridge the day before you plan to use it. At least a couple of hours before baking it, take it out of the fridge, place it in a container, cover with cling film or a kitchen towel and place it somewhere warm (room temp.).

The fast way(s):
At least 8 hours before you want to use it, take the dough out of the freezer and keep it at room temperature. Make sure it is covered.

We don’t recommend it, but there is an even quicker way to thaw the dough. Take the dough out of the freezer and place it (still in the bag) in a bowl of lukewarm water. The dough should be ready to work with in about two hours hour, but the quality of the end product will not be the best. 

How do I know when the dough is ready to bake?

Give it the right time and the right temperature, and the dough will be easy to work with and provide amazing flavor and texture. Rush it, force it or bake it when it’s too cold or not rested enough, and it will fight you every step of the way.

The dough is ready to bake when it reaches room temperature, starts to increase in volume, and becomes soft to the touch.

A good way to check it is with the Poke test: Poke the dough ball with your finger, and if the dough springs right back, it’s not yet ready. If it springs back slowly, leaving a small indent where you poked it, it’s good to go!

How to bake the pizza dough in a regular kitchen oven?

If you are baking in a regular pizza oven, we recommend using a pizza stone/steel or at least a baking tray that will be kept in the oven and heated up.
– Preheat the oven to (at least) 220°C – use the pizza baking program if your oven supports it;
– Prepare the pizza and spread (some of) the tomato sauce on it, but hold off the cheese and the rest of the toppings;
– Place the pizza directly on to the hot surface (stone/steel, baking tray) and bake for about 5 minutes;
– Take the pizza out of the oven, top it up with cheese and place it back in to the oven;
– Bake until the crust is golden brown, and the cheese has melted;
– Remove from the oven and let cool for 2 minutes before cutting and serving.

Detailed instructions can be found on our How To Bake Pizzas in a Pizza Oven or a Regular Kitchen Oven page

How to bake the pizza in a pizza oven?

If you have an oven that goes to 300°C or higher, there’s no need to pre-bake the pizzas.
– Preheat the oven to the max temperature;
– Prepare fully topped pizza;
– Place the pizza directly into the oven and bake for about 2-5 minutes (depending on oven temp), rotating if needed;
– Bake until the crust is golden brown, and the cheese has melted;
– Remove from the oven and let cool for 2 minutes before cutting and serving.

Detailed instructions can be found on our How To Bake Pizzas in a Pizza Oven or a Regular Kitchen Oven page

Pizza Kit Questions & Answers

What’s the Deal with these Pizza Kits?

When we first started True Pizza, our ambition was to show that you can have a great pizza at home without having to rely on take-out or the low-quality-full-of-bad-ingredients pizzas that you can get from the supermarket. The way we brought this idea to the market was with our frozen pizzas, using premium quality ingredients and treating them with respect and care they deserve.

We see our DIY pizza kits as an evolution of the same idea. You do a little bit of work (the fun part) and get to enjoy absolutely unmatched freshness in the comfort of your own home.

Will it be difficult to make my own pizzas?

Absolutely not! We will supply you with all the ingredients, the dough is already made, the only thing you have to do is to stretch the dough, top it up and bake it.

Is the dough stretching part scaring you? No reason to worry, there’s nothing you can do wrong. Even if you never done it before, you will be amazed how easy it is to make a really good homemade pizza.

I only have a regular home oven, can I still make fresh pizzas?

Yes! Funny story, we started True Pizza in our kitchen, with an oven that goes only up to 230°C. This is more than enough to make a homemade style pizza or a focaccia.

Please check How To Bake Pizzas in a Pizza Oven or a Regular Kitchen Oven for more information.

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