Soft, Flavorful, Delicious Handmade Focaccia

Experience the Deliciousness!

Perfectly soft and fluffy, deliciously savory, full of flavors and aromatics, the ultimate comfort food – that is our famous focaccia. Made fresh in our bakery using the finest Italian flour and extra virgin olive oil, our focaccias are the best compliment to any meal, but they are also a treat to eat as a snack!

Pop it in your oven and quickly enjoy it as a snack, on your borrelplank, or as a base to be topped up with cheese, grilled veggies or whatever makes you happy!

Handmade focaccia with premium ingredients

True Pizza’s focaccia provides a unique experience: how can something so simple be so flavorful and such a joy to eat?!

Made by hand with only the best and purest ingredients, baked to a soft and airy texture with a golden crunchy crust.

Where to Buy our Focaccia

We create new focaccias based on available and seasonal ingredients, always looking to create something new, but also keeping you well stocked on your favourites. Check our shop for what we currently have in stock.

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