Our Story

The story of True Pizza is the story of our family, our lifestyle, our love for food, but also, it is a story of how we managed to rethink ourselves in difficult times. 

True Pizza's founders posing in their first production kitchen
Early days of True Pizza (photo by Stach)

True Pizza is an Amsterdam based family owned and operated food company making and selling premium quality food products for the home pizza baker.

We love to bake and create tasty dishes, and we know you love it too. From our frozen pizzas to our fresh frozen pizza dough, it is all about creating, enjoying and sharing special moments.

It is all about indulgence, enjoying food, but it is also about responsibility. We make sure all our products are clean label and premium quality – we don’t use preservatives, artificial additives, added sugars, unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients.

With our products, all made in-house and fresh, you know you will have the best possible experience – there is a team of hard-working, dedicated food-loving people keeping busy everyday to make it possible.

How it all Started

It’s the spring of 2020, the first lockdown in The Netherlands was just recently declared. We could feel the effects of it immediately, not only did it limit our movement, it limited our income. Not going to lie, it was a difficult moment for our family.

We were sitting on our sofa, coming up with ways to move forward. One of the ideas on how to supplement our income was to start baking pizzas and to offer them to our friends and neighbors. We have been baking pizza almost every weekend for the last 15 years, and all of our friends and family were more than happy to come over for a slice or two. 

From our home kitchen to international distribution

The first pizzas we sold were made in our own kitchen at home, delivered on our old bikes, mostly in our Amsterdam neighborhood, to neighbors, friends, friends of friends… Our ambitions were very modest, we were very excited about every single order that came in. The orders kept coming in, more and more people had learned about our pizzas and it soon became clear that we needed to grow. And we grew!

One thing lead to another, some years later here we are: a classically trained artist (Vania), a digital media guy (Aleks), and our aspiring musician and actor son (Borna), replaced painting brushes with cooking utensils, spreadsheets full of data and long office/studio hours with dough kneaders, pans and bowls, and countless hours in the bakery, making pizzas and having people from all over enjoy our food!

Our products are now widely available in The Netherlands and in Belgium, True Pizza is becoming a household name that many people associate with honest, delicious, high quality comfort food. A dream became reality!

Vania and Aleks busy making pizzas (Photo by Kitchen Republic)

The proof is in the flavor

It started with a simple and straightforward idea: we will offer something different than what was available, we will offer the food we enjoy. The food needs to show love and respect, it has to be of high quality but also affordable, so that everyone can enjoy it. We will not cut corners, we will not join the race to the bottom, we are doing this because we want to enjoy it, because we want to share something with people, and so we can be proud of it.

Tasty, honest, affordable and of high quality, that is how we first described the food we wanted to make, and those words became our mission. Words are just words, but we feel ours are backed by the ultimate proof – the aromas coming out of the oven, that first bite you can’t wait for, the pure pleasure of a great meal, the love for good food. This is what set us on this journey, this is what brought us into your homes. We are grateful that we get to do this, and we feel an immense pleasure knowing you are enjoying our food.

Things have changed, and we are no longer baking pizzas. Now, we are 100% dedicated to helping you bake better pizza. We invest our creativity, energy and time into developing new products, sourcing ingredients, coming up with recipes and new ideas. After years of hard physical labor, now we can make time to develop the idea of what True Pizza can become. Thank you for joining us on this journey.