Great Pizza Dough Makes Great Pizzas

Make Every Pizza Night a Success With a Great Pizza Dough

Thaw, Stretch, Top Up & Bake​

It's incredibly easy to make restaurant quality pizzas at home using our Classic Pizza Dough

Restaurant Quality Pizza at Home?

You can now make restaurant quality pizzas at home. Our Pizza Dough was created to provide the best possible result in any type of oven. Create amazing pizzas in your regular kitchen oven, achieve outstanding results in an Ooni, Roccbox, Gozney, Kamodo, a Green Egg or any other indoor or outdoor oven.

Be warned, once you start making pizzas at home that are just as good or even better than the ones you get from a pizzeria, there’s no going back. You will be baking pizzas all the time!

Premium Ingredients for a Perfect Result

The list of ingredients in our Classic Pizza Dough is very short: flour, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, yeast and water. We use an impeccable blend of high-protein italian flours, the kind used in top-notch pizzerias. Extra virgin olive oil gives our dough its unique flavor, and makes it more nutritious and rich in healthy monounsaturated fats. This blend creates a dough that is nutritious, easy to work with, perfect to create delicious, crispy pizzas with a slight and very enjoyable chew.

Our dough does not contain any preservatives, stabilizers, added sugars or any kind of artificial, hard to pronounce ingredients. It contains no saturated fats, no lactose and it is suitable for most dietary and lifestyle choices.

Clean Ingredients

Nothing added, no sugars, no preservatives, only true and high quality ingredients

Easy to Store

With no bulky packaging, dough balls are easy to store in the freezer

Get Creative

Make any kind of pizza you like, your imagination is the only limit

Great Every Time

Don't worry about the dough, it will be perfect every time

Great Pizzas in any Oven

Our Classic Pizza Dough will work in every type of oven

Kitchen Oven

Ooni, Gozney... any outdoor pizza oven

Wood-fired pizza oven

Green Egg, Kamodo, BBQ

Professional Electric Pizza Oven

Great Pizza Every Time

Over the years and tens of thousands of pizzas made, we’ve done all the hard work so you don't have to - experimenting with ratios, different flours, temperatures, timings… to create the best possible pizza dough. Mixed using professional spiral kneaders in our own bakery, the dough is rested for over 24 hours, portioned, proofed and frozen. Once it arrives in your kitchen, you only need to let it defrost and it is ready to bake.

True Pizza Classic Pizza Dough can be used to make any style of crust, from the traditional home-made pan pizza, to the classic Napoletana, or the crispy thin-crust New York style pizza.

Where to Buy our Pizza Dough

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