This Pizza Dough is a Game-Changer for Home Cooks

Our doughs deliver the crisp, chewy crust of your favorite pizzeria and work great in any type of oven, pizza oven or a regular kitchen oven. Learn how our pizza doughs can elevate your homemade pizza to amazing heights!

It Took Us Years To Perfect The First Pizza Dough,
And Then We Did It Again...

Years of home baking, countless pizza nights with friends and family, and we never thought that one day thousands of people would use our dough to make pizza at home. Our Classic Pizza Dough was the first, then we created the Neapolitan Pizza Dough, and now we just can’t stop! 

Every style of dough we make is special – discover the differences in texture and flavour

From €2.75 per piece

From €2.75 per piece

Thaw, Stretch, Top Up & Bake...
Perfect Pizza Every Time

Great Results in Any Type of Oven

Green Egg...
any outdoor or indoor pizza oven
home ovens with our without a pizza stone

Creating a Great Dough is Simple...

You only need flour, water, some salt and yeast! And, you also need:

The Finest Ingredients

Carefully selected, high-quality ingredients ensure an authentic taste and texture in every bite

The Right Skills

Traditional techniques and a whole lotta innovation, that is waht makes our doug quality so consistent

Time & Temperature

Given the right temperature and time, our dough ferments and matures in perfect conditions 

By focusing on these key elements – ingredients, skills, temperature and time – we are able to create dough that is consistently delicious and perfect for making your favorite pizzas

Clean Label

Our dough is made with only the cleanest, most honest ingredients. We never include preservatives, stabilizers, added sugars, dairy, or E numbers. Instead, we use the finest Italian flours, renowned for their richness in fiber and protein, along with oils free of trans-fats—primarily extra virgin olive oil sourced from Italy. This is something we refuse to compromise on

Consistent Results

With our doughs, you can always count on consistent results, ensuring stress-free pizza parties every time. Whether you’re a seasoned pizza enthusiast or a first-time home cook, our doughs make it easy to achieve perfect crusts and mouthwatering flavors, ensuring a memorable experience every time

No Limits to Your Creativity

Whether you’re craving a crunchy thin crust, a soft and flavorful Neapolitan-style pizza, or a cheesy, crispy New York-inspired slice, our dough selection has you covered. Each dough is carefully crafted to deliver the perfect texture, flavor, and consistency, giving you the flexibility to explore endless possibilities and express your creativity with confidence