Premium Fresh Frozen Pizza - Convenience at its Best

True Pizza = True Ingredients

For us it’s all about uncompromised quest for quality, and it all begins with the ingredients. Every ingredient we use is carefully selected for taste, quality and authenticity.

Our dough is made by hand, using only five basic ingredients: finest Italian flour, water, sea salt, a tiny quantity of yeast and top quality extra virgin olive oil. Long, natural fermentation of our dough makes it soft, airy and delicious but also easier to digest and more nutritious.

For the toppings we keep the same approach: only pure, natural ingredients combined together in a perfectly balanced harmony of flavors are allowed on our products. Our products don’t contain additives, preservatives, added sugars. As we often say, the only added ingredient in our products is love!

Amazing Pizza Quickly Prepared

Our pizzas are flash frozen and packaged in protective bags so that the freshness and quality can be preserved for longer. It doesn’t take more than 6 to 8 minutes in the oven for that pizza to come back to life and fill your kitchen with wonderful aromas.

Where to Buy our Frozen Pizzas

Our pizzas are available for purchase through Crisp, the online supermarket delivering in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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