Mozzarella Fior di Latte (500g)

Perfect mozzarella for your perfect pizza!


500 gr

Experience the authentic taste of Italy with our Mozzarella Fior di Latte from Fior d’Agerola. Crafted with care in the picturesque Campania region, right next to Naples, this cheese brings a subtle, creamy richness to your homemade pizzas. Each piece adds just the right amount of texture and flavor, perfectly complementing your favorite toppings without overshadowing them. Even the most traditional pizzerias in the South of Italy will use only this type of cheese.

Crafted with Care

This Fior di Latte comes straight from the Campania region, most southern region of Italy, crafted with care and tradition by our friends at Fior di Agerola. Made using time-honored techniques and the freshest cow’s milk, this cheese brings the authentic taste of Italy to your pizza night.

Whether you’re a seasoned pizza enthusiast or just starting out, this cheese is here to elevate your pizza game. Its soft texture and mild flavor make it the perfect topping for any pizza creation – from the classic Margherita to unique flavor combinations.

Best because

Authentic Taste: Made in Agerola, near Naples – the birthplace of pizza – our Fior di Latte brings true Italian flavor to your kitchen.
Versatile: Perfect for topping your homemade pizzas, our Fior di Latte adds a creamy, melty goodness that’s hard to resist. You can also use it in your Caprese salad, Parmigiana, Lasagna…
Great for pizza: This Fior di latte is a lower in moisture than the fresh mozzarella, making it perfect for your pizza. It will melt beautifully!

How to Enjoy

Ready to create delicious pizza memories? Simply slice up our Mozzarella Fior di Latte, top your favorite pizza dough, and let your creativity shine. Whether you’re hosting a pizza party or just craving a slice of comfort, this cheese is sure to hit the spot.

We keep this product frozen until the moment of delivery. Place it in the freezer immediately, or refrigerate it and use within 7 days.

Keep frozen for longer, or refrigerated at or below +4°C for best results. Once defrosted, use within 7 days

Ingredients: MILK, salt, calf rennet, milk enzymes
Allergens: dairy

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