Fiordilatte Mozzarella by Latteria Sorrentina

Perfect mozzarella for your perfect pizza!


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Crafted with precision and a deep respect for tradition, Fiordilatte is a joyous celebration of taste, texture, and authenticity. Coming to you conveniently cut and ready-for-use, this mozzarella is your new secret weapon for pizza perfection.

First thing, let’s settle this question: what is better on your pizza, mozzarella or fiordilatte? Obviously, it’s a trick question, because these fresh cheeses are (almost) synonymous. Mozzarella is a generic term, referring to the process of making the cheese (by stretching it), and when we say mozzarella we think about the Mozzarella di Bufala – made from buffalo’s milk. The Italians didn’t make this simple, because a Mozzarella can also be made from cow’s milk, or a mix of buffalo and cow’s milk. Fiordilatte, on the other hand, is always made from cow’s milk, so it is milder in taste. One thing is sure, when making a traditional Neapolitan pizza, the tradition requires Fiordilatte be used!

Immaculate & Flavorful: Fiordilatte is a burst of sublime, genuine flavor—bringing the unmistakable taste and allure of Italian authenticity straight to your kitchen.

Craftsmanship Meets Convenience: Meticulously prepared and packaged in 1.5kg bags, Latteria Sorrentina’s Fiordilatte is cut in the julienne style, ready to be sprinkled generously over your creations with no additional fuss or preparation.

Pizza’s Perfect Partner: Tender, subtly sweet, and delightfully stretchy, this cheese melts into a blanket of lusciousness, embracing your toppings with a delicate, yet spirited gusto only found in true Italian Fiordilatte.

Versatile Brilliance: Though it’s a stellar companion for pizzas, this Fiordilatte also shines brightly in salads, pairs beautifully with prosciutto, and is a showstopper in the beloved Caprese —gracing each recipe with its mild, creamy presence.

Quality You Can Taste: Latteria Sorrentina is a symphony of tradition and quality, produced in Italy using milk from EU countries, with each step in the crafting process imbued with care, expertise, and a commitment to delivering an unmatched product.

All Natural, All Amazing: With no chemical additives involved in its production, this Fiordilatte is a testament to the beauty of natural ingredients and time-honored techniques coming together to create something truly special.

Bag contains 1.500 grams of low moisture, pre-cut fior di latte cheese made from cow’s milk.

If you’re not planning on using the whole bag straight away, you can divide it into portions, bag it and freeze it. Take it out next time you’re making pizza.

Keep refrigerated at or below +4°C

Ingredients: Pasteurised MILK, salt,rennet, lactic ferments.
Milk from EU countries, processed in Italy.
Allergens: dairy

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Fiordilatte Mozzarella by Latteria Sorrentina


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