Grana Padano DOP Gran Soresina


125 gr

This unique cheese, crafted exclusively from the milk of cows grazing in the lush Po Valley, boasts a straw-yellow hue, fragrant aroma, and a full-bodied yet delicate flavor. It’s the ideal addition to elevate your pizzas and it is essential in many traditional and innovative recipes. Originally created in the 12th century to preserve milk, each 125-gram slice is a slice of Italian heritage, vacuum-packed and delivered with care from our family to your table.

Grate finely right before use and sprinkle on your pizza. You can add it before or/and after baking.

Keep refrigerated.

Cow’s milk, salt, rennet (natural enzymes from calf’s stomach), lysozyme (natural protein from egg whites)
Allergens: Milk, dairy

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