‘Nduja Calabrese Madeo


180 gr

Madeo’s Traditional Noble ‘Nduja is a testament to the evolution of a humble Calabrian delicacy into a premium product. Originating as a simple cured meat made from less desirable cuts, the ‘Nduja has been transformed to a world’s top delicacy. Their recipe, perfected over the years, uses only the finest PDO Calabrian pork meat, spicy chili pepper and extra virgin olive oil. This evolution not only elevates ‘Nduja’s status but also showcases the 100% Calabrian supply chain’s commitment to quality and tradition.

Using ‘Nduja on your pizza is a great way to add a spicy kick. You can add it to the sauce or drop small amounts on top. It will melt beautifully with the cheese creating a very unique flavor profile. Enjoy the unique and spicy flavor profile this Calabrian delicacy brings to your homemade pizza!

Once opened, keep refrigerated

‘Nduja (80%): A blend of quality pork and Calabrian hot pepper paste (comprising 95% Calabrian hot peppers and salt), seasoned with a mix of spices and dextrose.
Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil (20%), Antioxidant – Sodium Ascorbate

No major allergens

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