Neapolitan Pizza Dough (12 x 250g)

Experience Authentic Neapolitan Pizza at Home!


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Presenting True Pizza’s latest innovation rooted in tradition – our Neapolitan Pizza Dough, meticulously crafted to transport your taste buds to Naples from the comfort of your own home.

Our Neapolitan Pizza Dough combines the world-renowned Caputo Nuvola Super and Tipo 1 flours to achieve the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. These flours are cherished for their outstanding quality and form the foundation of our authentic dough. Adding a further layer of complexity and depth to our dough is Caputo’s deactivated sourdough starter. This touch infuses our dough with distinctive flavours and texture.

The careful process behind our Neapolitan Pizza Dough is a testament to our commitment to quality. We allow our dough to undergo a slow, 24-hour fermentation process elevating the flavors, the texture and the nutritional qualities of the dough to the next level. This patience rewards us with a crust that is light, airy, soft, and abundant in flavour, embodying the essence of the best Neapolitan pizzas.

Whether you’re using a home oven, a pizza stone, or a dedicated pizza oven, our dough delivers a superb, restaurant-quality result at high temperatures.

  • 25 individually packaged 250 grams dough balls in this box
  • Made with a blend of premium flours for an authentic Neapolitan texture and taste.
  • Sourdough starter to enhance flavor & texture.
  • Slow, 24-hour fermentation for enhanced texture and taste
  • Dough with 68% hydration for an exquisite texture and handling
  • Amazing results in both high-temperature pizza ovens and regular home ovens
  • Easy to handle and perfect for both beginners and pizza enthusiasts.
  • Free of additives and preservatives.
  • Vegan-friendly as it does not contain any animal products.

1. Let the dough defrost slowly in your fridge overnight. Alternatively, leave it at room temperature for about 4 hours until it thaws completely.

2. At least 2 hours before baking, take the dough out of the fridge and keep at room temperature – extend to 4 hours for even better results. The dough will start to slightly rise and relax, becoming soft to the touch. Keep the dough covered and spaced out at all times.

3. Turn on your oven. Pizza ovens should be heated to 350/400°C, home oven to at least 220°C, fan on.

4. Using plenty of flour (semolina), stretch the dough into the desired shape. Neapolitan pizza is famous for it’s thin base with a puffed crust. This is best done by hand, pushing the air in the dough from the middle towards the edges. Stretch and rotate until you reach desired shape and size – ideally 28-30 cm, but that’s entirely up to your preference, just keep in mind that thicked dough will need a bit more time in the oven.

5. If baking in a regular oven, top the pizza with just the sauce and partly bake without the other toppings for about 6 minutes. Take it out the oven, top it up fully, and bake until the crust is golden brown with some dark spots, for about another 4 minutes. The higher in temperature your oven goes, the less time it will need.

If baking in a pizza oven that reached temperatures of 400°C, fully topp your pizza and launch into the oven for about 3 minutes, depending on temperature. Depending on your oven model, you might need to rotate the pizza to ensure an even bake.

5. ENJOY! Your pizza is baked! You don’t need instructions for what’s next 🙂 Please share your creations using hashtag #truepizza

Find more tips, dough stretching and baking methods for different ovens and recipes here: True Pizza’s Pizza Baking FAQ

The dough balls are sent for delivery still frozen and individually packed in protective bags. The box is lined with insulating material and there’s a cooling element to provide extended cooling.

If you’re not planning to use it on the same or next day, make sure the dough balls are kept in the freezer.

The dough balls might arrive slightly softened, but have no worries. Place them in the freezer and they will keep for months.

Dough balls: Italian high-protein wheat flour (Caputo tipo 0 and Caputo tipo 1), water, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, baker’s yeast, deactivated sourdough starter, sea salt;

Allergens: wheat, gluten

No preservatives, no additives, no added sugars. The dough balls are vegan friendly.

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Neapolitan Pizza Dough (12 x 250g)


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Cookies are used to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cookies are OK, pizza would be better!