Pizza Kit Spicy Neapolitan

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For those craving a fiery twist to their pizza adventure, we present the Spicy Neapolitan pizza kit. Available in both 12-pack and 24-pack options, this kit packs a punch of bold and spicy flavors.

In addition to our signature Neapolitan Pizza Dough, Fiordilatte mozzarella, and Passata di Pomodoro, you’ll receive the peppery heat of Spinata Calabrese and ‘Nduja Calabrese. Add a touch of sizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Chili Pepper. This kit is for the pizza enthusiasts who love their pies with a kick. Spice up your pizza nights with this Spicy Neapolitan pizza kit and experience the vibrant tastes of South right at your table.

With this kit you will be well stocked on the dough and ingredients. Worth mentioning, this bulk purchase comes with a significant saving.

Depending on the kit size, these are the contents of the box:

12-pack Pizza Kit:

24-pack Pizza Kit:

Dough balls: Italian high-protein wheat flour (Caputo tipo 0 and Caputo tipo 1), water, inactive sourdough (madre lievito) starter, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt, yeast;
Tomato sauce: Italian tomatoes, sea salt;
Mozzarella: Pasteurised MILK, salt, rennet, lactic ferments;
‘Nduja Calabrese: pork meat and Calabrian hot pepper paste, spices, dextrose, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate)
Spinata Calabrese: Pork, calabrian chilli peppers, salt, dextrose, spices, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), preservatives (potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili Pepper: Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (97%), chili aroma (0,5%), chili pepper (2,5%)
Grana Padano: Cow’s milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme;
Semolina: Italian durum wheat

Allergens: wheat, gluten, dairy

Basic instructions will be delivered in the pizza kit, and we have a separate page with different ways to prepare the pizzas, but here are some basic tips:
– To thaw the dough, leave it in the fridge overnight. Keep at room temperature for at least two hours before baking;
– Heat up your kitchen oven to the max setting (minimum 220°C), while you prepare the pizzas;
– Use the provided dusting flour to spread the pizzas, making sure to remove as much as possible of the flour before baking the crust;
– Once your oven is very hot, place the pizza directly on to a hot surface (baking tray, pizza stone…) and bake until the crust in nice and golden brown. It takes about 8 – 10 minutes in a standard kitchen oven, adjust baking time according to your oven temperature;
– For more tips on how to make pizzas in different oven and styles, click here >>

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