Pizza Kit Vegan Special Artichoke & Spinach x Willicroft

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We’ve teamed up with Willicroft, Amsterdam based makers of plant-based dairy-free cheese alternatives, and the launch of a completely plant-based recipe and Pizza Kit that we created together.

The best and the freshest pizza you’ve ever had, and you made it! With our pizza kits it is easier than ever to make restaurant quality pizzas at home, now with an amazing plant-based recipe made in collaboration with Willicroft, Amsterdam.

This kit will arrive at your door with all the ingredients you need to make 2 to 4 pizzas (depending on chosen size):
– fresh pizza dough balls;
– 0ur house-made Artichoke & Spinach crema;
– Willicroft Italian Aged, a take on the classic Italian hard cheese;
– Willicroft Greek White, with texture and flavor that will irresistibly remind you of a Greek feta;
– aromatic Italian oregano.

Get creative and have some fun making your very own pizza at home!

Depending on the kit size, these are the contents of the box:

2-pack Pizza Kit:

  • Classic Pizza Dough (frozen) 220g x 2
  • House-made Artichoke & Spinach Crema 200g
  • Willicroft Greek White 150g
  • Willicroft Italian Aged 75g
  • Dusting flour (semola rimacinata)

4-pack Pizza kit

  • Classic Pizza Dough (frozen) 220g x 4
  • House-made Artichoke & Spinach Crema 400g
  • Willicroft Greek White 2 x 150g
  • Willicroft Italian Aged 75g
  • Dusting flour (semola rimacinata)

Dough balls: Italian high-protein wheat flour (Caputo tipo 0 and Caputo tipo 00), water, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, baker’s yeast, sea salt.
Artichoke & Spinach Crema: Artichokes, fresh spinach, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, sea salt, parsley, black pepper.
Willicroft Greek White: water, coconut oil, white beans, potato starch, apple cider vinegar, salt, natural aroma, vitamin C, nutritional yeast, garlic powder.
Willicroft Italian Aged: cashews, corn starch, nutritional yeast, salt, garlic powder, natural flavouring.
Oregano: Italian oregano

Allergens: wheat, gluten, cashews

Here are some basic instructions, find detailed instructions on how to bake a pizza HERE
– To thaw the dough, leave it in the fridge overnight. Keep at room temperature for at least two hours (the longer, the better) before baking;
– Heat up your kitchen oven to the max setting (minimum 220°C), while you prepare the pizzas;
– Use the provided dusting flour to spread the pizzas, making sure to remove as much as possible of the flour before baking the crust;
– Once your oven is very hot, place the pizza directly on to a hot surface (baking tray, pizza stone…) and bake until the crust in nice and golden brown. It takes about 8 – 10 minutes in a standard kitchen oven, adjust baking time according to your oven temperature;
– For more tips on how to make pizzas in different oven and styles, click here >>

For this

We currently deliver your orders from Wednesday to Friday (check conditions). You can pick your delivery day during the checkout process.

Your order will contain frozen and chilled products. If you’re not planning to use it on the same or next day, make sure all frozen products are kept in the freezer, and all chilled products are kept cooled. Check individual due dates on the product.

The dough balls might arrive slightly softened, but have no worries. Place them in the freezer and they will keep for months.

Can I freeze all the contents of the kits?
You can freeze everything, just make sure to do so before the ‘best before date’ on the individual packaging.

I don’t have an pizza oven, can I still use your kit?
Absolutely! Our Classic Pizza Dough is made to provide the best results in any pizza oven. However, baking time and temperature will be different depending on the oven used

Are there step by step instructions how to make the pizzas?
We have prepared all the instructions on our pizza baking FAQ page.


Pizza Kit Vegan Special Artichoke & Spinach x Willicroft

 19,95 32,45

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Cookies are used to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cookies are OK, pizza would be better!