Pelati Tomatoes 100% Italian

Straight from the South of Italy to your pizza creation!
Italian pelati (peeled) tomatoes – the very essence of Italian flavor. Every can captures the sun-kissed vibrancy of freshly picked tomatoes, reflecting the essence of Italy and the rich soils they’re grown in.

With their intense and genuine flavor, courtesy of the warm southern sun and the fertile earth, these tomatoes elevate your homemade pizzas to a whole new level. The can contains 400 grams of ripe peeled tomatoes in a rich passata – not in water as is the case with many “italian” supermarket brands.

To prepare a nice sauce for your pizza, crush the tomatoes by hand or use a vegetable strainer. DO NOT use a blender, it will make a soup, and it will incorporate a lot of air into the mix, making the sauce orange and changing its flavor and texture.
  • True Authenticity: Harvested at their peak and peeled to perfection, preserving that distinct, robust tomato taste.
  • Versatile: Ideal for many pizza recipes, be it a simple Margherita or a gourmet creation. These are also your go-to tomatoes for pasta, stews…
  • Pure Ingredients: Just peeled tomatoes, tomato juice. No allergens.
  • Origin: Directly sourced from Italy, ensuring you get nothing but the best.
  • Packaging: 400 grams, tin can
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, transfer to a non-metallic container, refrigerate, and use within 2-3 days.
  • Ingredients: Tomatoes, tomato juice
  • Allergens: no allergens

How is this product delivered?

Your orders are delivered via a courier service in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, please see details on our Delivery Information page.

What is the shelf life of the product?

The expiration date of the individual product can be found on the packaging. It should be stored in a cool and dark place.

Can this tomato be used for other dishes?

Absolutely! You can use this tomato for any dish, especially for italian pasta dishes, stews, and caseroles.

What is the difference between this product and the ones I find in the supermarket?

We find that there is a significant difference in quality of the tomato and the tomato juice it is store in. This is something you can easily check by rinsing the tomato. The color of the tomato should be rich red, and it should be nice and soft. You will find that cheap tinned tomatoes often are not fully ripe, and the tins are filled with a very thin liquid, not a passata.

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