Rosemary Dough

Herby and Delicious, Perfect for a Focaccia
Made with the finest Italian high-protein flour and extra virgin olive oil, with the added deliciousness of the woodsy aromas of rosemary. This dough is perfect for making pizzas with a twist, focaccia, homemade bread or breadsticks, and more… It is ready to to baked, very easy to work with, rises beautifully and when it comes out of your oven, it will fill your entire kitchen with delightful rosemary aroma. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, our Rosemary dough is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Try it today and taste the difference!
  • Light, airy and crispy crust, great for focaccias
  • Made with Italian 00 flour, finely milled from premium grains
  • Made even more delicious with dried rosemary
  • Slow, 24-hour fermentation and maturation process
  • 220g dough balls individually packed for easy storing and use
  • Amazing results in pizza ovens and regular home ovens
  • Free of any added sugars, additives or preservatives

The most delicious and the easiest way to make a rosemary focaccia! This dough ball is already generously enhanced with rosemary, so all you have to do is bake it. Of course, you can use our dough as a base for a pizza with a twist, but we mostly use it to bake focaccia. To make a larger portion, just combine two or more dough balls together, and let them proof well before shaping.

Packaging: 6 x 220g dough balls, frozen, packaged individually

Ingredients: Soft wheat flour – Italian Caputo flour Tipo 00; water; Italian extra virgin olive oil; sea salt, dried rosemary leaves; yeast.

Allergens: wheat, gluten

No preservatives, no additives, no added sugars. The dough balls are vegan friendly.

The dough balls are sent for delivery still frozen and individually packed in protective bags. The box is lined with insulating material and there’s a cooling element to provide extended cooling. If you’re not planning to use it on the same or next day, make sure the dough balls are kept in the freezer. Keep in fridge for no longer than two days.

The dough balls might arrive slightly softened, but have no worries. Place them in the freezer and they will keep for months.

How is the dough delivered?

Your orders are delivered via a courier service in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, please see details on our Delivery Information page. The dough is shipped frozen, in a well insulated and chilled protective packaging. The packaging is made of paper and fully recyclable materials. Each dough ball is individually placed in a plastic bag for convenient storage.

What is the shelf life of the dough?

The dough has a frozen shelf life of 6 months from the production date. It can be stored in the freezer until the best before date, or kept in the fridge for up to two days.

What baking instructions do you recommend?

For detailed instructions and tips, head over to our guide on How to bake a focaccia.

How to defrost the dough

We recommend to take the dough out of the freezer and place in your fridge the day before you plan on using it. This will allow the dough to defrost slowly and proof slightly. Take it out of the fridge at least 3-4 hours before baking, longer if you want a fluffier focaccia. More information can be found in our guide: Defrosting The Pizza Dough: Essential Tips & Tricks

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